Why to choose Bareteri...

Luca Del Maschio

LUCA DEL MASCHIO (on the right) born in Venice the 24th January 2014.

5 generations in the hospitality industry, behind him, are an important heritage in all his career choices.

For each question from a guest, any unforeseen, any obstacle, he already had 5 ready solutions, but its enormous creativity and experience suggest him even 5 more new...

Intimate, cozy, but at the same time among the most spacious and comfortable you can found in the city.

Halfway between dream and reality. In the heart of the most fascinating city in the world.

About 3 minute walk from San Marco's Square and, in the opposite direction, from the Rialto Bridge.

Will we get to live our city as few tourists have the chance to do, thanks to a dense network of selected shops, restaurants, events constantly updated for you.



TEL. +390415232233